About Us


Our Team

Quantum Society Austria was founded in 2022 in Vienna, Austria. We are a growing community with volunteers, project mentors, quantum-experts and more:

Somya Rathee Founder & Leader

Somya is leading the society. She works at QMware AG as a quantum engineer and is a student at HTL Spengergasse (Informatics) and TU Vienna (Technical Physics).

Members & Mentors

Core Members & Mentors

Our memebers & mentors provide invaluable guidance, foster collaboration, and nurture talent within the quantum realm. Through their diverse backgrounds and collective experience, they cultivate an environment of innovation, learning, and impactful contributions to the field of quantum technology and its applications.

Nico Einsidler IBM Member

Nico Einsiedler delivers the most up-to-date insights on quantum computing to the community and about IBM Quantum Worls

Dr Filippo Fratini Erste Group Member

Dr. Filippo Fratini acts as a technical consultant specializing in finance and quantum computing for the financial sector.

Sebastian Mair QSA Member

Sebastian not only provides valuable inputs in quantum machine learning but also contributes to projects within the community.

Social Media

Content Creators - Social Media

Our volunteer Content Creators manage our social media, sharing news and insights about Quantum Society Austria and the latest developments in quantum computing. They curate posts to inform and engage our community.

Ema Dzhuninska QSA Social Media Content Creator

Ema is actively creating content for our social media platforms & providing creative ideas.